Hanioti Village Resort, Hanioti Halkidiki Greece

Day Tour to Lake Kerkini

Day Tour to Lake Kerkini

Our day trip will begin really early in the morning, considering the fact that the route duration is approximately three hours.

A unique day tour to Kerkini Lake

On the way to Lake Kerkini we will make a stop for breakfast and will arrive at 10:00 to Lake Kerkini.

Free time 6 hours. As the area is naturally a marshland, it is home to buffaloes and other wild life.

This excursion will let you enjoy one of the most unknown and original regions of northern Greece. In the proximity of the lake you can enjoy a boat tour, rent a bike or make a horse ride.

You can enjoy a long walking and stop at a local coffee shop or tavern to taste the local products, take beautiful pictures, breathe unpolluted air.

The natural beauty of the region, the high ecological significance of the lake and its contribution to the agricultural development of the surrounding valley are the reasons that make it worth visiting.

Kerkini lake is an artificial lake in north – eastern Greece, around 100 km. away from Thessaloniki, in a natural region most unspoiled and famous for its beautiful landscapes of forests and mountains, green planes and water streams.

Through artificial, Kerkini lake has turned into an important landmarks where wildlife has been able to develop. Today this is one of the most relevant birding site, as it is located along the migratory flyway from the Balkans to the Aegean Sea.