Hanioti Village Resort

Wellness Spa

Hanioti Village Wellness Spa

Hanioti Village Spa has been created to give you time to relax and enjoy an environment in which to revive and re-energise.


Facilities include

  • Jacuzzi Spa Bath
  • Sauna
  • Hammam Steam Room
  • Heated Relax Lounge
  • Relaxation Area
  • Massage Room
  • Hanioti Village Nail Bar


Massage Therapies

A variety of different massage therapies are available ranging from back massage, Indian neck massage, leg massage, full body massage, Lymph drainage massage.




Types of massages




Classical body massage
Highly recommended to men, while is much more intense than relaxing massage, as well as to people who are active in doing any sport. Increases blood circulation, flexibility of the body and muscles, keeps the skin in fit condition.

45,00 €

60 min.


Relaxing body massage
Recommended to those who live in constant rush and stress. Special treatment, on the base of aromatic oils, will rest not only your body but also will put your mind back to emotional balance.

40,00 €

50,00 €

60 min.

90 min.


Senses of Heaven
Massages based on aromatherapy Lemon grass, Sweet orange, Spicy cinnamon , Relaxing ylang- ylang Chocolate relax, Honey detoxification

35,00 €

45 min.


Hands to love and Sexy feet
Peeling based on sea salt and natural oils, peels and refreshes softly your skin on hands and feet.After the treatment, recommended massage, for hands and feet
- extra with the Treatment (30,00 €, 60 min.)
- separately (40,00 €)

20,00 €
30,00 €

20 min.
40 min.


Lymphatic drainage
Special healing massage, reducing toxins from the body Recommended to everyone who would have any problem with heavy, swollen hands and feetFeet / Hands,Full Body ( Excluding Back )

40,00 €

55,00 €

45 min.

75 min.


Total Body Peeling, Before SunTotal body peeling recommended before first sunbathing, based on the products that will let your skin catch proper suntan which will stay permanent for much longer than without treatment.a) Sea Wind – sea salt scrub, based on natural olive oil and aromatic oilsb) Sweet Refresh – sugar scrub, based on natural olive oil and aromatic oils 

Massage after the peeling – the price depends on the type of chosen massage

20% discount to every choice, if the massage is connected to the Treatment above.

40,00 €

55 min.


Other Spa services:

Sauna, Steam room, Jaccuzi, Heated Relax Lounge (minimum 2 persons) …… 25,00 € per person- 90 min


Opening Hours

Monday – Friday : 10.00 – 20.00.
Saturday – Sunday : 10.00 – 00.00.